Passionate about turning sales people into sales professionals, Les Lent stands with his clients right where they need him.

Sales coaching provides that one on one deep dive instruction motivating clients to reach their sales goals. Selling is a hard job and not simply a bunch of soft skills. Through sales coaching, Les proves that sales skills are definable and trainable.

Les has discovered that most sales individuals are focused on product and price however for buyers this is just the minimum requirement. Buyers demand a sales professional not a salesperson. Sales professionals must first become an expert on the customer and the product second.

Through sales coaching, Les provides a sales process for companies and individuals helping them focus on the customers first. The result. . . a transformed sales professional.

The Process

“Coaching without assessment is malpractice.”


What to Expect

  • Personal assessment providing a starting point
  • Training tailored to specific needs
  • Action steps and accountability

Who Should Expect More

  • Businesses
  • Sales Teams
  • Sales Managers Les will teach you how to coach your team this way!
  • Sales Individuals who want to become sales professionals.
  • Anyone tasked with sales, business development or lead generation.


Ready to improve your sales team?

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“. . .his direct coaching has catapulted my abilities, and career, well beyond what I thought capable. His ability to quickly visualize multiple scenarios then map out possible outcomes make him an outstanding coach. I directly attribute where I am in my career, as a sales coach and sales professional, to Les. I can assure you he will bring you, your team and your company to a whole new level.”

– John O., Vice President, Jani King Gulf Coast Region

“When it comes to suppliers, Titan knows that success is greatly impacted by its employees. For example, in September 2011 Titan contracted professional development training for its sales team. This ongoing coaching arrangement has strengthen the effectiveness of the territory sales managers, enabling them to more efficiently serve the customer base.”

– Excerpt from Canadian Executive Journal